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Job Spot Us is a constantly growing organization made up of a multifunctional and active work team. Our company focuses on helping you find a job that fits your experiences and skills.

After spending my experience as an immigrant and working two years in family homes I was able to notice the way in which employment agencies operate in the United States, it is very difficult to get respectful treatment, and in general, the payments are not fair due to all the discounts applied to salaries. But coming to work in the United States gave me the opportunity to learn English, get familiarized with other cultures, and save money for my family and my future.

And this is how Job Spot Us was born, a company where the worker can not only obtain the benefits of working and earning a salary in dollars (without all the discounts applied in other companies) but also creates a space of trust and respect with our staff and the businesses or families they will work for.

Little by little we have been expanding, and although at first, our company was dedicated solely to the placement of cleaning personnel in the homes of different families in New York -with the initial name of Housekeepers by Nerymar-, today we are a company that thanks to the references of our clients, who are witnesses to the talent, value and excellent performance of WorksPlace, now we have job vacancies in more than 20 states and we have achieved more than 2000 successful cases of job placement in different areas. And as we understand you, we are here to serve you.


The workplace’s mission is to professionally train and facilitate the market insertion of all unemployed workers. We differentiate ourselves by our precision and attention to detail to provide the best service.


Connect people with meaningful jobs, we aspire to be the most helpful, respectful, and attentive job assignment company, and also promote inclusion and equal opportunities, the possibility of access to employment positions, and the personal growth of each of our applicants, always giving the best customer service experience.


We firmly believe in:

Service orientation because our reason for existence is to help you.

The ability to respond, so every day we strive to improve our company to solve your needs.

Integrity for which we seek to be competitive and provide high-quality service through consistent work and adherence to our values.

Transparency and honesty, so the members of our team will make sure to earn your trust through the responsible fulfillment of all the agreements made.

The diligence so we will not rest until you feel satisfied with our service.

Self-criticism, so evaluation, and continuous improvement are a daily part of our processes.

Empathy because we understand you and we want to make this experience the best of your life.

Gratitude because we know where we come from, what we have achieved and we firmly believe that we can still continue to grow and progress, and that pleases and challenges us.

The love for what we do, and is why we carry out each of our tasks, no matter how small, in the best way.

And teamwork because each of the members of Worksplace is a fundamental piece in our organization and we promote their personal growth at all times.


Let us tell you about all our benefits:

We have a service line open every day of the week, where you can communicate with us through text messages in the WhatsApp application, there we have staff prepared to assist you in the fastest and most cordial way in order to help you solve your doubts and needs. (+1 239 3991757)

We assign you to work in a business or family home in less than 24 hours.

We will make the arrival at the place as comfortable and fast as possible after your application.

We have a policy that changes in the workplace are allowed within the first month of hire. Our agency takes into account your comfort and the treatment you receive in the job where you have been assigned. Our goal is that you feel respected.

We will supply you with our guides and manuals where you will receive detailed information about your new job. We also provide for your convenience information on the correct use of the train, numbers of reliable taxi lines, and cheap accommodations near you.

Connecting amazing people with great jobs is what we do.